Stranger Factory

Trigger Recap: The First Hand POV

So this being my first real showing with Stranger Factory the experience was very educational. I learned a lot and met a lot of awesome people along the way, while also finding time to enjoy some old friends. First meeting Ferg was great, he’s such a mellow cool dude with awesome taste in shoes, and he was super helpful with a bunch of stuff to boot. Things were admittedly tight down here at the Factory lots of things going on at the same time trying to get this beast of a show out on time. Brandt most definitely gave 110% to this show to make sure it popped off, all the while Kathie was directing traffic and taking care of business. It came down to the zero hour but the show went off without a hitch! Also I learned a little fun fact about how to properly but up vinyl stickers (next time I got this no problem). It was great to see two great minds that love collaborating bouncing ideas of each other and adding extra goodies in the final hours. Not to mention popping ideas off each other for other goodies in the future (my lips are sealed guys). Either way if you made it out or not I hope TRIGGER is everything you hoped it would be. I know it met and exceeded all my expectations. Seriously, did you see that No. 7 Trouble Boy… Incredible!




When worlds collide

So close!…

The Playge Doctor will see you now

TRIGGER in action

Peters to Peters

Trouble Boy No. 7… one bad mutha Yakuza

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