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Ragnar / Tolleson: Missing Elements Recap

So admittedly a little late on posting this show up but it for sure needs to be noted. In my time here at Stranger Factory I have had the privilege of working on some awesome Gallery shows. This show is in no way different except that it may be the most fluid show of the year so far, it hung so perfectly. Things went up no problem and Ragnar showed up early with all of his stuff ready to go. Sadly Scott was not in attendance due to a new addition to his family (Congrats Scott!). Ragnar was just the most awesome dude to chat up. He is a definite geek and loves talking comics music art and toys (my kinda dude). Good times were had by everyone and a really great positive vibe followed the show throw its opening weekend. Looking forward to the next time Ragnar and I get to geek out and hoping everyone enjoyed Missing Elements as much as I have.

Pics Courtesy Of Brandt and his new camera:

The Peculiar Pretzelmen Live at Stranger Factory for Couch By Couchwest:

For those of you that missed out we got this special stripped down Pretzelmen performance for you to enjoy courtesy of all of us Misfits at Stranger Factory

Deeper Darker Weirder: An Evening With The Peculiar Pretzelmen

So the dust had even had a chance to settle when we received word of the Peculiar Pretzelmen coming to town. With about a week to plan things had to be done quickly and with extreme awesome. So booking was done and a venue chosen but it couldn’t be your average venue we had to do something special for our Pretzel brothers. The guild was chosen for this particular performance due to its perfect atmosphere and awesome staff. In the days before the show I grabbed my messenger bag and hit the pavement trying to get the message of the Pretzelmen heard. On March 10th they arrived and it was great. Kevin and Deacon are the coolest guys and just awesome to hang out and chat with. I learned about so much stuff like how to make goat cheese. Near midnight the Peculiar Pretzelmen took the stage playing there Dark Americana Revivalist rock in front of an array of old cartoons playing on the screen behind them. They crowd loved them and the show was incredible. Can’t wait til those vagabonds come rolling into town again.

Blood Puddin’ / Dark Ages Recap

So admittedly this one is a tad late. Following the show i had to fly knee deep into our next store project which will be recapping today as well, so at least its a two for one. So the show was a personal favorite! I have always been a fan of things like Heavy Metal, fantasy, monsters and pin up girls, plus the tattoo culture of Albuquerque runs so deep most of our citizens bleed ink. That said this exhibit was a match made in heaven. First we have Joe Capobianco pulling out all the stops and bringing his amazing blend of techniques and abilities to the Gallery showcasing his love of the female form. Joe and the Hope Gallery Crew were just super awesome to talk to and hang out with. They know and love the toy culture like no others and it was great to be able to toy geek out with them. Also much thanks to Joe for the airbrushing tips really helped me out. Not to be over shadowed our local girl Marie Sena totally killed it with her set up: Dark Ages. Marie’s watercolor work was amazing and her choice in framing added to the intensity of her pieces. Not to mention that girl loves her some metal, and good taste should always be commended. Thanks to both of you for such a great and positive show experience and to all the Stranger Factory loyal who showed up for a packed opening.

We Like YoYo’s … Recognize!

Circus: Folke Recap

Two shows deep into my time here at Stranger Factory and things are going great. This second exhibit was so much fun to put together and was practically seamless. Admittedly I found myself enjoying every second of TRIGGER but at the same time running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This time I had a much better awareness of what goes into getting a show ready and what had to be done. Things here at the Factory tend to run on the fast paced side and because of that we can find ourselves fighting the clock on occasion. With Circus: Folke we found ourselves with time to spare and it lead to a lot of fun and good times being shared by everyone. While it’s obvious that certain things have been changed from past recent exhibits, that change didn’t cost us any ground and only opens doors in the future. Pictures are admittedly slim due to getting pulled in all different directions during the reception but I of course will share what was taken. Thanks to Both CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy for being not only amazing artists but just stellar and awesome people to talk with and share stories with. If you live in the Duke City and haven’t been by yet Circus: Folke is not to be missed. If you are an out of towner I got some fun ideas up my sleeve to show you just what ABQ is all about.

I Enjoy Building Suspense…

New Mexico is in the details…

Art Supply Fun

So Ganesh

Artist Sisters Indeed!

Good Times Good Friends

Circus: Folke-Artist Sisters Show

Stranger Factory Presents the art of CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy!

Video by: Miss Mindy

Trigger Recap: The First Hand POV

So this being my first real showing with Stranger Factory the experience was very educational. I learned a lot and met a lot of awesome people along the way, while also finding time to enjoy some old friends. First meeting Ferg was great, he’s such a mellow cool dude with awesome taste in shoes, and he was super helpful with a bunch of stuff to boot. Things were admittedly tight down here at the Factory lots of things going on at the same time trying to get this beast of a show out on time. Brandt most definitely gave 110% to this show to make sure it popped off, all the while Kathie was directing traffic and taking care of business. It came down to the zero hour but the show went off without a hitch! Also I learned a little fun fact about how to properly but up vinyl stickers (next time I got this no problem). It was great to see two great minds that love collaborating bouncing ideas of each other and adding extra goodies in the final hours. Not to mention popping ideas off each other for other goodies in the future (my lips are sealed guys). Either way if you made it out or not I hope TRIGGER is everything you hoped it would be. I know it met and exceeded all my expectations. Seriously, did you see that No. 7 Trouble Boy… Incredible!




When worlds collide

So close!…

The Playge Doctor will see you now

TRIGGER in action

Peters to Peters

Trouble Boy No. 7… one bad mutha Yakuza

Trouble Boy No. 7 “The Drifter”

Trouble Boy No. 7 “The Drifter”

Available soon through Tomenosuke-Syoten (Japan) Trouble Boy No. 7 “The Drifter!! Trouble Boy No. 7 here looks like a Yakuza bad ass!The details on this trouble boy are great and if you are a fan of Ferg or Peters it has a lot to offer… I don’t want to ruin it but this toy has more then the eye can see. I should know I took these pictures at TRIGGER myself. Enjoy.

TRIGGER: Brandt Peters x Ferg Art Show

Circus Posterus presents TRIGGER, the art show featuring Brandt Peters and Clay “Ferg” Ferguson. At Stranger Factory. January 6. Albuquerque, NM.